Do you intend to purchase a pool table? This guide can be useful in your choice.

Depending on the use to be given to the table, the following issues must be taken into account in its acquisition; Size of the table and design of the table, space available in the dependence where it will be placed, investment to be made, types of cloth, installation and maintenance, durability and care of billiards, accessories; Balls and other tacos.

With what space should we count?

The billiard tables are manufactured in different measures respecting some dimensions of regulation game
6 feet: 1.80 m long x 0.90 m wide x 0.78 m at 0.80 m high
7 feet: 2.00 m long x 1.00 m wide x 0.78 m to 0.80 m high
8 feet: 2.24 m long x 1.12 m wide x 0.78 m to 0.80 m high
9 feet: 2.54 m long x 1.27 m wide x 0.78 m to 0.80 m high


We must keep in mind these dimensions in relation to the location where we want to place our table and choose one or another measure depending on the space available. As generality we should have a free space of 1.50m on each side of the table to have full playability, which is the minimum length of the club.

If the available space was not an inconvenience, choosing one way or another would respond to our personal preferences, being 8 and 9 feet those employed in most competitions.

The following areas determine the space requirements for each measure.
6 feet: approximately 18 m2.
7 feet: 20 m2 approximately.
8 feet: approximately 22 m2.
9 feet: 24 m2 approximately.
How much to invest in our pool table

In the market we can find a wide offer, different designs and finishes.

We must discard low quality products mostly from Asian manufacturers, for not complying with regulatory specifications in its dimensions, do without a playing surface on slate, use wood and cheap components, in most cases agglomerated …


Therefore and looking for a product manufactured under quality standards we could indicate an economic figure of access to a good table located at around one thousand six hundred euros.

Table layout

The design can be of classic tendency or of contemporary line passing through avant-garde styling or futuristic models of farfetched line made in exclusive materials like the carbon fiber.

In any case it should integrate harmoniously with the style that we have defined previously to its installation.


Types of Cloth

Usually the tables are supplied with a standard cloth of medium quality, mixed composite nylon wool. The cloth directly affects the rolling quality of the balls. There are faster or slower depending on the priorities of the player or the competition.

Quality of the balls, tacos and chalk

As in the previous section the tables are supplied with a standard endowment, there are specific blocks of rupture or to carry out special plays such as the ‘jumper’ taco, as a player evolves in his game from an average club Will identify your needs or the club that best suits your game, use of a harder material in the sole or soft etc …


The quality of the chalk is defined by its adhesion ability. The higher quality balls are made of phenolic resins compared to those of lower quality polyethylene, lower quality of rolling and durability, also produce a greater abrasion on the cloth. In pool the diameter of the same is of 57,2mm (in some cases is used white ball of 60,3mm) carambola 61,5mm

Pool Table Installation

It is a service provided by the supplier company, depending on the pieces of slate that make up the playing surface this should be upholstered in situ, on the other hand and finished the assembly of the table will proceed to its correct leveling.

Maintenance and durability

The durability of a well-maintained pool table is timeless, requiring only cloth changes when necessary or bands in a much longer period due to ineffectiveness in the rebound. Likewise and over time it is possible Requires some rebalancing of the leveling, being this a simple operation that only requires a leveler and the optimum calibration of each one of the levelers located in the billiard legs.

Avoid loading the weight of the body or others on the table being able to uneven the same or cause damages in the bands
Brush the cloth and the bands before the game and later
Do not place drinks on the table avoiding spills
Avoid punching during the game.
Protect the table with the use of a cover.
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