Films like the hustler or the color of money contributed in their respective decades to a resurgence of the game of billiards.

At present several advertising campaigns have resorted to scenes in which a game of billiards is disputed or they have exploited the stereotype of player.

Bob Dylan – Chrisler, David Beckam – H & M, Allen Iverson – Reebook, Gerard Depardieu …

Similarly professional billiards have been reference, prescriptores and carried commercial spots as is the case of the players Jeanette Lee, Shanelle Loraine or Jennifer Barretta raising the interest towards the billiard with its appearances in the magazine FHM or in the film `9 ball´

 David Beckam, `Modern Essentials´

Modern Essentials campaign for the H & M brand / spring 2015; Becks disputes a game of billiards and ends the same with a blow of effect that can recall his throws of lack. The exfutbolista continues to profit his image, synonymous with success even more after finishing his sports career associated with Real Madrid, Manchester United or PSG among other clubs.

Jeanette Lee, Ford Explorer 2011

Jeannette Lee has a strong charisma, which is why Ford resorted to his image to star in this spot in which he plays several plays and trick shots on the wide and level space offered by the vehicle after folding the back seats.

Shanelle Loraine, Cream Silk unilever

Loraine’s popularity derived from her great results in the women’s world championship of Ball 10 and her charming personality led to cream silk appealing to her image to market her line of cosmetics.


Budweiser raises a crazy and ‘colossal’ game of billiards with the city of Los Angeles as playing surface under the slogan `King of good times´

Allen Iverson, Reebook `I am, what i am´ 2008

I am what i am Shakespeare, the slogan used by Reebok perfectly matches the philosophy of life of the last number three of the sixers of Philadelphia. He wanders about his figure around a game of billiards; I am what I am, nothing and nobody can change me … however, many have tried.

Levis 501 – Don´t know why… 1994

The first jean. the last great mistery

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